Saturday, February 20, 2010

Beach Album

Adding sand and shells to Chip board.

We have added 12 different sands and Shells to the Beach Album. Colors Include from Left
1."Beach Night"
2. The "B" is "Hawaii".
3. The "e" is "Snow".
4.The "a" is "Sunset".
5. The "c" is "Tropical". 6. The trunk if the Palm tree is "Tahiti". 7. The leaves of the Palm Tree is "Emerald Beach". 8. The ornaments on the tree is "Candy Cane". 9. The "h" is snow, 10. A small Area below the Trunk of the tree "Water". 11. Very Bottom "Malibu" 12. On top of the Malibu "Shells". This adds great 3'd look and great texture.


  1. I love this Beach album but can't find it anywhere! Can anyone tell me where to find it to buy?

  2. Can this album be purchased anywhere?