Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pick from 24 Colors of sand.

The Sand in your project sometimes needs to be a color that is not the normal color found on the beach. We have provided 24 colors of sand in our Beach 3 series. You can mix your colors to the color you would like or leave it the solid color you want for your project. Remember the sand comes mixed and ready to spread or brush on. It will not crumble or some off your page.

  • Ideas when making water add blues with white.
  • Making clouds use white and add little blue.
  • Making sunsets add yellows and read and orange.
  • Do not be afraid to add micro glitter
  • our products dry clear and it will show up very well.


  1. looking forward to playing with these!! =)

  2. Hey Dave! Love the new site and blog, as well as the YouTube Videos - They are excellent!
    The new colors are great!!